Algebra 1

Math Support
  • Math Seminars (during the school day)

  • 1st hour: Hebner (1.138)

  • 2nd hour: Swinehart (1.136)

  • 3rd hour: Moreno(1.133 - 1st Sem)

  • 4th hour: Powell (1.135), Neterer(1.139 - 1st Sem)

  • 5th hour: None

  • 6th hour: Long (1.131), McKenzie(1.137 - 2nd Sem)

  • 7th hour: Messing (1.134), Callen(1.132 - 2nd Sem)

  • Math Support in DLR (Room 2.135) - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 6:30-7:30 am and Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 2:45-3:45 pm



Do you struggle with math?

Are you confused about why there are now letters, in addition to numbers, in math class?

Does it help you to hear/see things more than once to learn it?

Do you want to be ahead of your fellow classmates in Algebra/Geometry next year?


If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then follow the instructions 

below to start your preview/review of the Algebra A/B content!


1.       Go to

2.       Click on “Course Content”

3.       Click on “Math”

4.       Click on “Textbook Companion Skills”

5.       Select the green Algebra 1 textbook with a roller coaster on the front cover @2007/2009 / purple spiral for Geometry

6.       Click on “Homework Video Tutors”

7.       Select the first Lesson of the first Chapter and watch the video tutorial. You may watch it as many times as you need to in order to understand the material

8.       Complete the Lesson Quiz online:

Score 70% or above?  Congrats! Move on to the next Lesson! J

Score 69% or lower? Watch the video tutorial again to determine where you made your errors,

and take the Quiz again. Repeat as necessary.

9.       Once you’ve successfully completed each Lesson Quiz for the Chapter, then take the Chapter Test! Your goal should be 70% or higher.

10.   Repeat the above steps for Chapters 1-7


Username: PortageStudent

Password: Mathrocks!

Required Materials for Algebra 1 A/B: 
  • Textbook assigned by teacher
  • Folder/Binder
  • Working Calculator
  • Completed Homework
  • Working Writing Utensil
Expectations of Algebra 1 A/B: 
  • Do your own work (class work and homework)
  • Behave
  • Ask for help
  • Review your notes each night and/or use the above textbook link to reinforce the content from class.
  • Study for all assessments.